Guidelines for Preparing a Self-Study for WSU Center Review

A Center/Institute review will assess whether the unit is fulfilling its particular mission and objectives as defined in its charter, by considering the following questions. NOTE: Each Center/Institute will have defined prospectively specific measurable outcomes appropriate to their mission, by which they will be judged. Please be concise and as meaningful as possible so as to allow the reviewers the information needed to conduct a good review. In addition, the Academic Senate budget form must also be complete (separate form).

  1. Cover Page

Provide a cover page with the following information:

  1. The chartered name of the center/institute and director (if a name change is proposed, provide rationale for the change)
  2. Inception date

c)   Date of last charter

d)   Proposed charter period (six years maximum)

e)   Date of proposal preparation

  1. Mission Statement

Please provide the center's mission statement as it appears in the center/institute's charter.

  1. Value Added

Please provide a paragraph explaining why the structure of a center/institute is needed to accomplish the stated mission. In preparing this paragraph, please consider the following questions:

Does the unit bring sufficient value to its constituencies, associates and students in each of the areas specified in its mission statement and statement of objectives? If so, does the added value justify a unique administrative organization in order to be effective? Is the organizational plan appropriate to meeting the mission of the unit, and is it effective in doing so?

  1. Resources
    1. Institutional Resources: Space, special facilities, faculty/staff lines, opportunities for faculty interaction, funds from philanthropy endowments, institutional seed money grants, research enhancement funds, research stimulation funds, and General Fund (GF) support? For GF support: how is it utilized, how much of it represents added incremental investment over the university's obligation to faculty and staff should the unit not be re-chartered? For philanthropic funds: what are the total dollars involved, what are the restrictions on those funds, what is the involvement of the unit in raising them?
    1. External Resources: What is the current level of external funding (DC and IDC), what are the sources of external funding, what are the types of external funding grants or contracts; what are the projects/programs that are being funded externally? What is the history of external funding since the time of last review and what is the potential future funding, as estimated by continuation of current grants/contracts, currently pending applications and planned submissions?
  2. Major Goals and Objectives

Using the categories of research, service, and education (as applicable), state major goals and objectives for the proposed period as they correspond with the mission of the center/institute. Describe activities planned to achieve these goals and objectives.


  1. Organizational Structure

Provide the following information on the organizational structure of the center:

    1. By-laws (if in existence)
    2. Organizational chart (include names and titles)
    3. Leadership (selection and review process, responsibilities)
    4. CV of director and other relevant leaders
    5. Membership
      1. Member's name and designation (member, associate, affiliate, etc.); give total number of faculty involved and list by name (include department and college) and list students and trainees by numbers in categories
      2. Criteria and expectations for membership (if different under new charter include new criteria and expectations)
      3. Selection and review process for members
      4. Responsibilities of members
    1. Advisory board (internal and external):
      1. If not in by-laws, number of members on board
      2. Advisory structure
      3. Appointment criteria and process
      4. Meeting frequency and expectations (scientific advisory, operations, philanthropy, etc.)


  1. Describe national stature of the center
    1. Measures of current national stature/reputation
    2. Future goals for proposed charter period


  1. Major Achievements

Using the categories of research, service, and education (as applicable), discuss major achievements for period since the last charter as they correspond with the mission of the center.

    1. Submit annual reports (if available) or submit a narrative discussing major achievements during the time since the last charter renewal, including data when applicable.


  1. Financial Information

Provide financial information (use attached budget form, 2 pages).


  1. Letters of Support

Provide Letters of Support from all deans and department chairs of units involved with the center. Letters should be addressed to Stephen M. Lanier, Ph.D., Vice President for Research; however, please have letters sent to the center and submit letters with your self-study (please do not send piecemeal).


  1. Charter

Include a copy of the charter as approved by the Board of Governors. If any changes to the charter are proposed, indicate changes in the charter by using the track changes option in Microsoft Word.

Please e-mail an electronic PDF version of the self-study to If you have questions while preparing your self-study, please email