Demystifying Cloning a Protocol

Cloning a protocol in eProtocol makes a duplicate of your expiring protocol. Once the protocol is cloned, you can make any updates and then resubmit as a new protocol. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Under General Questions, update the expiring protocol number and update questions 1 a-c.
  2. Under Animal Use Justification, add new search dates – these should be no older than three months from submission date.
  3. All lab personnel listed as Key Personnel on the protocol and the Departmental Chairperson must complete the Certification and COI Disclosure sections of the cloned protocol.
  4. You can change the title at this time, just go to the Purpose and Value page and edit “Official Project Title.”
  5. Under Species, you should add any “live” animals at WSU that will be transferred from your expiring protocol to the renewal protocol.  Please list the source of the animals as “transferred from protocol #...”

If you make multiple cloned versions of your original protocol, please delete the versions you will not ultimately submit. This helps to clean up and not bog down the system. Remember, you can only delete protocols and amendments that have not been submitted to the IACUC office. For detailed instructions on how to delete a protocol or amendment, please contact the IACUC office (

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