Pharmacogenomics Resource Laboratory

Under the Office of the Vice President for Research and WiRL, the Pharmacogenomics Resource Laboratory, or PGRL, is coordinatively run with the Biomarker Discovery and Development Laboratory (BDDL). The major goal of PGRL is concentrated on:

  • Support WSU research involving existing genetic and genomic biomarkers with potential clinical relevance that are related to disease risk, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Validate potentially new genetic, genomic or epigenetic biomarkers.
  • Technical transformation for biomarker testing.
  • de novo discovery novel genetic/genomic/epigenetic biomarkers. This is achieved via a seamless connection with the discovery platforms of the high throughput core facilities in WSU.
  • Provide targeted analysis for genetic, genomic or epigenetic markers for human and animal research.
  • CLIA-Certified Clinical Research Lab (CRL). The PGRL and BDDL are coordinatively establishing a CLIA-certified lab to support clinical and translational research involving integrating and testing biomarkers in clinical trials.


  • Study design
  • Support letter
  • Data analysis


  • Sample preparation, QC and storage: DNA, RNA, protein, lipids, etc.
  • DNA polymorphisms and mutations: SNPs, microsatellites, CNV, Indel, etc.
  • Quantification: DNA, mRNA, microRNA, methylation status, m6A modification for RNA samples
  • Identity tests: cells, animals (transgenic animal genotyping)
  • Library construction: RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, single-cell RNA sequencing


Director: Wanqing Liu, PhD. Associated Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacology

Tel: 313-577-3375