Sample Charter


  1. Institute for Manufacturing Research

    1. There shall be an Institute for Manufacturing Research whose mission will be to enhance and extend the university's existing technological strength in manufacturing areas, with demonstrated potential for the State's economy.  In pursuing this mission, the institute shall seek to obtain and expand external funding support from both private and public sources.  The institute will conduct interdisciplinary research on materials development, modification, and evaluation; on software for manufacturing and engineering; and on product reliability research.

  1. Personnel

    1. The institute shall be managed by a director appointed by the president or his/her designee and serving at his/her pleasure. The director shall report to the president or his/her designee.
    2. The staff of the institute shall include, as necessary, research faculty paid fully or in part from institute funds, faculty and staff from university department, research scientists, research associates and assistants, clerical/technical support, and such other personnel as may be needed to carry out the institute's mission. In the case of a participating faculty member holding tenure, or with tenure-track status, his/her tenure or tenure track status shall be in his/her academic unit.
    3. The primary responsibility of the staff in the institute shall be to conduct basic and applied research in select areas of manufacturing science, to obtain extramural funding in support of the research, and to develop commercially significant products and processes. Staff paid fully from institute funds are not required to undertake teaching responsibilities but may have the opportunity to direct the research of graduate students or to engage in other teaching activities as may be mutually agreeable to them, the appropriate academic unit, and the director of the institute. Staff may teach specialized courses and workshops from time to time as the need arises. 
  1. Governance

    1. The primary responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the institute shall reside with the institute director and shall also draw upon the advice and counsel of an advisory committee to be composed of deans and faculty from the participating schools and colleges. The advisory committee will be appointed by the director after consultation with the president or his/her designee and will meet regularly with the director to give advice on the operation and development of the institute.

    2. The institute shall have a steering committee to give guidance and direction in setting priorities, in assessing results, and in identifying new opportunities. Steering committee members shall be appointed by the director after consultation with the president or his/her designee. Membership shall include representation from industry, the university administration, and the participating schools/colleges.

  1. Operating and Financial Procedures

    1. The institute shall follow all operating, personnel and financial procedures that apply to academic units in the university.

    2. In seeking external funding to support research and other activities, the institute shall conform to the university's standard grant application procedures and to the university research policies.

    3. The institute shall be governed by standard university budgetary and financial procedures; and it shall annually submit a budget for approval by the president and the Board of Governors in the course of the regular university budget review process.

    4. The institute shall be periodically audited by the Internal Audit department. It may also be subject to such additional audits, by the state auditor or others, as are periodically conducted in the university or that may be specially conducted in connection with specific funding sources for the institute.

  1. Review

    1. The institute shall prepare an annual report for the president or his/her designee describing its research accomplishments and industrial interactions as they relate to its mission.

    2. Every five years following the adoption of its permanent charter, the institute shall undergo a comprehensive review in accordance with the existing Statute on Centers and Institutes approved by the Board of Governors.

Approved by the Board of Governors at its meeting of May 1, 1987.