Brain@Wayne is a grass-roots effort, to unite and enhance neuroscience at Wayne State University. Following the June 2014 release of the roadmap report from the FaegreBD Consultants entitled "Transforming Clinical and Translational Sciences" that was commissioned by President M. Roy Wilson, the Brain@Wayne initiative was developed by neuroscience faculty at Wayne State as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary network. Although cohesive, this network aims to be distributed and inclusive so as not to focus narrowly on specific investigators or research themes. When fully realized, Brain@Wayne will reflect the collective neuroscience expertise of the university and include outlets for the dissemination of expertise, community outreach, collaborative research, grant procurement and the recruitment and training of students in multiple schools and colleges across campus. While research directions in the Brain@Wayne community will emerge and evolve with the expansion of the network, clear directives are already at hand, both locally and nationally, and include the FaegreBD Consultants report as well as the national Brain Initiative.

Short and medium term initiatives include:

  • Establishing and implementing a monthly seminar series
  • Developing relationships among self-identified WSU neuroscience faculty
  • Fostering formation of independent undergraduate/graduate Neuroscience focus groups
  • Providing WSU undergraduate students with neuroscience research opportunities
  • Augmenting ongoing community outreach programs at WSU
  • Hosting an annual scientific retreat of WSU Neuroscience faculty/students
  • Building faculty collaborations that span the WSU campuses