Activities That Do/Do Not Require IACUC Approval


Approved animal protocols are generally, but not always required. Certain uses of animals do not fall under the purview of the IACUC. This policy clarifies the situations when a protocol is and is not required.

IACUC Policy

Activities that require IACUC approval:

IACUC approval is required before conducting research and teaching activities involving animals if ANY of the following categories apply:

  • Research, teaching and/or testing with vertebrate animals owned or leased by Wayne State University (WSU), regardless of funding source.
  • Clinical trials involving non-WSU owned or leased animals.
  • Research, teaching and/or testing using vertebrate animals in collaboration with another institution or organization, including commercial entities.
  • Field research activities using free-living vertebrate wildlife if studies involve more than unobtrusive observation.
  • Any activity involving higher level invertebrates in the Class Cephalopoda.

Activities that DO NOT require IACUC Approval:

  • Research, teaching and/or testing using cadavers or tissues from dead animals UNLESS the cadavers or tissues are to be acquired from animals specifically purchased or euthanized for the activity.
  • Activities ordered and/or performed by the Attending Veterinarian or designee that involve only standard veterinary or emergency procedures necessary to ensure animal welfare.
  • Activities involving retrieval or use of animal-related data from records.
  • Research, teaching and/or testing involving embryonated eggs PRIOR to hatching. For zebrafish, this is considered ≤3 days post-fertilization.
  • Any activity involving lower level invertebrate species (e.g. brine shrimp, fruit flies, nematodes, mosquitos, etc.).
  • Non-research, non-teaching, or non-testing activities involving privately owned animals, in which the activity is not an official WSU activity.
  • Removal of vertebrate vermin.

If you are not sure if your proposed animal use activity requires IACUC approval, please contact the IACUC Office at 313-577-1629 or


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Approved: June 2018

Revision Approved: 12/2019