Institutional Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Animal Transport and Receipt


This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) describes the required standards for the transport and/or receipt of animals between institutions when the animals are covered by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An MOU is an agreement intended to clarify the responsibilities of each institution regarding the review of protocols, conduct of research, and oversight of facilities in projects where animals are used (e.g. subjected to procedures, imaged). MOUs are signed by University officials at both institutions. For the purposes of this SOP, an institution with which Wayne State University has a signed MOU is referred to as the "MOU institution".

IACUC Procedure

Incoming Animals (from MOU institution)

If animals will be delivered directly from a vendor to WSU, a representative from the MOU institution must notify the WSU Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) procurement staff in the Business Office at (313) 577-1107 before the order is placed.

If animals will be coming from the MOU institution the DLAR Veterinary Technical Services ( must arrange the import, and the DLAR Business Office must process the animal order.

Outgoing Animals (to MOU institution)

If animals will be ordered from a vendor for delivery directly to the MOU institution, then the DLAR Business Office must process the animal order.

If animals will be shipped directly to the MOU institution then DLAR VTS processes the export.

Incoming/Outgoing Animals from a local MOU institution

If animals are from a local institution, the DLAR or PI may provide the transportation to or from WSU after the DLAR Veterinary Technical Services ( has approved the transfer of animals. If the PI provides the transportation, it must be described in the approved IACUC protocol. All IACUC policies must be followed regarding transportation (see Transportation of Animals). If incoming animals (rats or mice only) will go directly to the WSU PI's laboratory, the DLAR bypass quarantine procedure must be followed (see Rodent Quarantine and Procedures to Bypass Quarantine). Outgoing animal export must be coordinated by DLAR VTS and the MOU institution's equivalent.