Wayne State University and University of Maryland collaborate to discover new methods to advance the search for new magnetic materials

A collaborative team led by Wayne State has developed a unique approach that will advance the search for new magnetic materials.

DETROIT – The team of Boris Nadgorny, Ph.D., professor of physics and astronomy at Wayne State University, and Ji-Cheng Zhao, Ph.D., chair and Minta Martin Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland, has developed a unique approach involving full combinatorial libraries of Co-Fe-Ni alloys and scanning Hall probe microscopy to generate a complete “pixel-by-pixel” ternary magnetization map of these alloys recorded in a single experiment. Their work was published in the Feb. 4 issue of Scientific Reports.

Transition metal alloys are essential for magnetic recording, memory and new materials-by-design applications. Saturation magnetization in these alloys have previously been measured by conventional techniques that are laborious and time-intensive. Nadgorny and Zhao’s research proposes a new approach that can be utilized as a powerful high-throughput characterization tool to advance the discovery of new technologically important magnetic materials more easily and quicker.

The work was funded by the National Science Foundation. Wayne State’s research was supported through grants ECCS-1524878 and ECCS-0923292; the diffusion multiple work was supported by grants DMR-1237577 and CMMI-2004979.

To access the full paper, visit https://rdcu.be/cGl7F


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