IBC Attachments for eProtocol

Standard Operating Procedure's (SOPs) and other attachments for eProtocol submissions

For applicants using the eProtocol format, some documents are still to be completed in the Word format.  These documents must then be added to the eProtocol submission as attachments. 

General SOPs:

In vivo SOP:  Please complete and attach this SOP if your proposed research involves the use of animal models

In vitro SOP:  Please complete attach this SOP for all work to be performed in vitro

Specific SOPs:

Transgenic Drosophila are covered by the NIH Guidelines and IBC approval is required for this type of research activity.  Through collaboration with the WSU Drosophila research community, the following SOP and guidance document were developed.

Drosophila SOP:  Please complete this SOP if you are working with transgenic Drosophila

Select Agent and Select Agent Toxin SOPs and forms:

IBC approval is required for the possession, use, and transfer of unfractionated mixtures and purified preparations of biological toxins having high acute toxicity.  This includes all toxins on the Select Agent list.  

High acute toxicity is indicated by toxins with a LD50 of less than, or equivalent to, 100 nanograms/kg body weight.  

IBC approval must be obtained prior to this material being brought onto WSU Campus.

Other e-protocol attachments:

Lentiviral Vector Protocols:

  • Lentiviral Vector Exposure Response plan:  (only page 3 needs to be submitted) If you are working with multiple lentiviral vectors then please consider categorizing the constructs based on risk and completing one form for each risk group identified