Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) is committed to providing quality environmental health and safety services to Wayne State University's students, faculty, and staff. OEHS supports WSU's mission of excellence in research, teaching, and community service by promoting a safe workplace. OEHS collaborates with other departments and committees to develop and implement health and safety procedures that ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. OEHS is dedicated to preventing employee injuries and illnesses, anticipating hazards, and timely responding to workplace emergencies.

Research Safety - Biological safety in accordance with CDC/ NIH guidelines, chemical hygiene, lab safety inspections, laser safety, controlled substances research, new principal investigator guidance.

Environmental Health and Safety - Indoor air quality, industrial hygiene services (air contaminants monitoring), noise monitoring, lockout/ tagout, ergonomics, asbestos surveys, confined space policies.

Hazardous Materials Management - Hazardous chemical, biological, and radioactive waste disposal. Electronic and universal waste disposal (computers, fluorescent lamps, batteries), emergency response for hazardous spills, laboratory clean-outs (by appointment only).

Training - Bloodborne pathogens/ biosafety, laboratory right-to-know (Hazard Communication), personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, hazardous waste/emergency procedures, other sessions as required by state or federal regulations.

Radiation Safety - Equipment registration, lab inspections, personal dosimetry, training (general radiation safety and specific equipment training).

Other Services: Occupational health nurse specializing in animal allergies and zoonotic diseases, fume hood and biological safety cabinet certification, water safety, food safety (restaurant inspections), dangerous goods shipments.