Asbestos abatement (removal) process - Asbestos removal notification form.

Project Managers (PMs) are responsible for notifying contractors about the presence of known and suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM) in the areas in which they will be working. Asbestos survey information is available from FPM Design & Construction Services. Contact OEHS for advice if survey information isn't available.

All Class I, II or III asbestos work must be performed by a licensed and qualified contractor, who will comply with all regulations including safe work practices, employee protection and waste handling. The contractor will submit required regulatory (MIOSHA / MDEQ) notifications. A 3rd party environmental consultant will provide project documentation, regulatory oversight, and air monitoring services (background, personal, area, and clearance) as warranted. The environmental consultant will serve as OEHS's primary contact for any regulatory or H&S related questions about a project.

Federal and state law requires notification of building occupants prior to any asbestos removal project. The FPM Design & Construction Services or Facilities Operation & Maintenance Staff should provide information to OEHS regarding upcoming asbestos abatement jobs as soon as possible (normally at least 3 business days in a advance), by completing the Asbestos Removal Notification Form. OEHS will generate a notification posting from your request, which will be distributed to the building coordinator, FPM staff, and any other affected parties. The notification should be posted in the building prior to the start of the project.

Questions about asbestos containing material? Before any renovation, construction, or maintenance activity that will disturb potential asbestos containing materials, employees should refrain from the work until they are told it is safe to proceed. Report these situations to your supervisor. If it is determined that a sample needs to be collected to properly identify the material prior to doing the work, contact the OEHS at 577-1200.

Asbestos removal notification procedure

1. To initiate the notification process, the Project Manager* should complete the form at the link below and notify the Building Coordinator as soon as possible in advance of the work.

Asbestos Removal Notice2. OEHS will draft an Asbestos Removal Notice and forward it to the Project Manager for review prior to the start of the abatement.

3. The Project Manager will send the notification to the Building Coordinator and make sure it is posted. The Building Coordinator will inform the potentially affected building occupants.

4. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that waste disposal is coordinated with the OEHS Hazardous Materials Manager and a Bill of Lading, if needed, has been completed for the project.

5. OEHS will notify other affected departments that may have workers in the building (Building Engineers, Custodial, Skilled Trades) prior to the start of the abatement.

6. OEHS will visit the abatement site at the start of the project to verify the abatement contractor and environmental consultant are conducting their work practices and procedures in a way that is compliant with all state safety, health and environmental regulations.

7. The Project Manager will remove all notices when the asbestos abatement work is complete.

*Project Manager can be the following: Facilities Operations and Maintenance Director, Associate Director, Trades Team Leader, Engineering Supervisor, Design & Construction Services staff


OEH&S offers 2 hour Asbestos Awareness training as mandated by MIOSHA for all employees who may come into contact with asbestos containing materials or potential asbestos containing materials. For more information on the contents of the training, follow this link: Asbestos Awareness Training