Hazardous Waste Management

Asbestos Management Program - abatement projects, waste disposal procedures, etc.

Electronic waste (e-waste) disposal program

WSU E-Waste Disposal Day: This event is open to all WSU students, staff, faculty, as well as the community at large! For more information: http://livinggreen.wayne.edu/recycling/electronic_waste.php

E-Waste Removal Request Form - to request special collection of your department's e-waste

Hazardous waste disposal program

Biological Waste safe disposal of medical waste including needles, sharps, and syringes.

Chemical Waste safe disposal of all waste, surplus, and unwanted chemicals. Specialized services including general laboratory cleanouts.

Radioactive Waste safe disposal of solid and liquid isotope waste

Pharmaceutical Waste: safe disposal of research drugs (chemotherapeutic agents, etc.)

Universal Waste Disposal Program (batteries, fluorescent lamps, lamp ballasts, etc.)

Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

WSU Recycling Guide

Emergency response to hazardous material spills