Radioactive Waste

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Service for low-level radioactive waste collection and supplies issuance are on a weekly schedule. If you have any questions regarding this schedule, please call OEHS at 313-577-1200.

As in the past, supplies will be brought to the lab during the scheduled waste collection.

Waste collection requests must be received by OEHS prior to the scheduled collection date. Each drum, one gallon container, flat, or package must be accompanied by a log sheet.

The individual collecting the waste has been instructed not to remove any waste containers unless all of the required information is properly recorded.

For solid and scintillation vial waste, the Radioactive Waste Container Log form shall be completed in its entirety. 

Mixed wastes: Mixed wastes are materials that contain both hazardous chemical constituents and a radioactive isotope. Any container ( solid or liquid) that contains both of these constituents must be handled in compliance with both the NRC and MDEQ. In general, a radioactive waste in anything other than 100% buffer, or 100% water should be tagged with both tags. This protects WSU from improper disposal.  Please affix both a green "Hazardous Waste" tag and the Yellow "Radioactive Waste" tag to each container of these wastes.

Finally, no liquid materials or lead of any kind may be mixed into the solid waste drums.