Step-by-step Guide for eProtocol

General Step-by-Step Guide for Review and Approval

  1. Once you have completed the majority of the protocol you can use the check for completeness tool to identify any missing components.  You will be able to see what must be completed prior to submission and/or prior to approval, including training requirements. 
  2. Check the IBC Meeting dates and deadlines
  3. Submit the protocol application and associated attachments using eProtocol.
  4. Your protocol will be pre-reviewed prior to the meeting. Look for emails from the eProtocol system to let you know when you need to respond to comments from the reviewer.
  5. Revise your protocol during the "comment cycles" in eProtocol
  6. Once your pre-review is completed the protocol will be added to the official IBC meeting agenda. This does not require any action by you.
  7. The protocol will be reviewed by the Institutional Biosafety Committee at a convened meeting.
  8. IBC comments will be sent to you via the eProtocol system just like those sent during the pre-review cycle.
  9. The IBC office will verify that all training requirements have been met and any additional OEHS requirements have been completed (i.e. Radiation safety, chemical safety, Occupational Health etc).
  10. An approval notification will be sent via email from eProtocol. Your approval letter can be accessed from eProtocol under Event History.
  11. Work can commence.