Getting Started

Logging In

This is the main login screen for the Cayuse Research Suite applications, accessible here using your Access ID and password.

The login screen asks for your username and password.

Enter your Access ID and password at the prompt.

You will then see the landing page where you can launch the applications.

Select Cayuse SP, Cayuse 424, or Cayuse IRB, or one of the administration applications.

Select SP or 424 to start application in a new browser tab.

Understanding Roles and Permissions

Cayuse SP has a variety of user and administrative roles, allowing people to have access to the appropriate records. Understanding the user types will assist you in system management and user guidance.


Ordinary users, such as PIs and the Research Team, have access to individual Cayuse SP Proposal and Award records where they are named, or Proposal records that they have created (if your institutions allows ordinary users to create proposals).

Being named on a proposal record implies:

  • Write access to the proposal record before routing.
  • Read access to the proposal record during and after routing.

Being named on an award implies:

  • Read access to the award, project, account(s), subcontract(s), and proposal record(s).

The creator of a particular proposal has enhanced rights, such as the ability to delete the proposal. See My Proposals in the Evisions User Reference Manual for more information.

Unit Admins

Unit Admins such as the Chair, Dean, or their Delegates can view unit records and take actions on them based on their specific role.

  • IPF Approver
  • Pre-Award Spending Approver
  • Award Data Access
  • Proposal Data Access
  • Research Account Manager
  • Role Manager


Administrators in Sponsored Program Administration can view all records, and take actions on them based on their specific role.

Global Admins have access to all functions within Cayuse SP. Read-Only Admins may see everything, but may only edit records they have created or are named on. Although Read-Only Admins may see proposal pairing actions, they cannot pair and unpair proposals they are not named on.

Others may edit certain types of records, such as Preliminary Awards, Awards, or Proposals, or make certain changes, such as attaching or removing Documents from a record.

To learn more about administrative roles and how they are assigned, see User Management.

Basic Navigation

Within Cayuse SP, your Dashboards provide fast access to proposals, awards, and routing certifications or approvals.

You'll always see the links in the upper navigation bar, and can go Home to see all your dashboards.

  • My Dashboard: Drop-down menu allowing you to quickly view, track, and authorize items assigned to you. Clicking on the main My Dashboard link takes you to My Proposals.
  • Reporting: View reports on proposal and award activity, including funding rates, awards by unit, PI, or sponsor, and other categories.
  • Log Out: Exit Evisions SP. This logs you out of the entire Research Suite.

Top navigation bar with links to Home, My Dashboard, Reporting, and Log Out.

If you have any administrative roles, in addition to these items you'll also see an Admin tab. This tab allows you to view or manage additional proposals, awards, and users in Cayuse SP according to your role.

When you're on your Home, you'll see your Dashboards listed on the left side of the screen.

Dashboards list on the Home screen. Under Proposal Dashboard, you can start a new proposal, view your proposals, view proposals in your unit, and check your pre-award spending requests.

These links also appears while you are navigating between Dashboards, giving you quick access to relevant proposals, awards, and approvals.

On admin screens, the names of personnel associated with the project (PIs, account managers, researchers, etc.) appear as links. Clicking on the link will launch a popup window revealing the contact information for that person, including their name, email, unit, unit code, address, and phone.

For Administrators

As an Admin in Evisions SP, when you first log in, you see a screen very similar to a non-admin user's screen, including access to the Dashboards. If your institution uses a centralized model where Departmental Admin staff create proposals, then your My Proposals dashboard will serve as a convenient way to access those proposals that you have created. If you also serve as an IPF Approver for a unit or school, the Unit Approval Inbox will be useful to you in routing proposals for that unit.

If you are accessing proposals through a dashboard, you'll arrive directly on the General Info screen of the proposal for Unsubmitted proposals, or the Routing Status screen for submitted proposals. You can click the Administer Proposal button to access the Proposal Administration functions. In the proposal, the button is located below the Item List.

Administer proposal button below the item list. Below the Administer Proposal button is the Submit for Routing button.
On the Routing Status screen, the Administer Proposal button is just above the tabs.
Administer proposal button above the tabs on the routing status screen. To the left of the administer proposal button is the View I P F button.
Most administrators will use the Admin menu to access administrative functions. Most Admins will see the menu below. Only the Project Dashboard and the Workflow Inbox are available.
Normal admin menu. Only the project dashboard and Workflow Inbox are accessible from this menu.

If you are a Global (System) Admin, then you'll see the menu below.
Global Admin menu. Project Dashboard, Workflow Inbox, User Management, Email Admin, and Database Logs are all accessible from this menu.
This menu also allows you to manage other users' permissions and manage the behavior of the Evisions SP email notification systemDatabase Logs are available in case you need to provide system information to Evisions Support in the event of a problem.

Creating a Proposal

To create a proposal, click Start New Proposal on your Proposal Dashboard or under the My Dashboard menu.

This will take you to the Start New Proposal screen to fill out the General Info for the proposal, including funding source, project dates, title, and administrative information. After entering the basic information about the proposal, you can pair it with a Cayuse 424 proposal, or just click Save at the bottom of the page to save it and proceed to the other sections of the proposal. The list of proposal sections that you see to the left of the page is called the Item List.

Item list with propsal sections on the left side of the interface.

The double red arrow indicates the section of the Item List you're currently on.

The names of sections in the Item List, and whether a section is present, may vary depending on your institution. If you have any questions on this, please contact your Central Admin Office.

You will see a Green Check next to General Info in the Item List, indicating that you have provided all the required information for this section. The Submission Notes section is entirely optional and is the only other section that will have a green check mark as soon as the proposal is saved.

If the proposal is paired with Cayuse 424, you will see the pairing icon in the Item List header, and the Evisions 424 Proposal element in the Item List.

Pairing icon at the top of the item list.

Throughout the proposal, a red asterisk (*) indicates that a question is required, and must be answered before the page can be saved. In most cases, if you try to save the page without answering a required question, you will see a message in red at the top of the page that tells you which questions you still need to answer.

When you see a  icon next to a field, that field is a lookup field. Click the icon to launch a pop-up search window for your institution's People, Units, and Sponsors (from Evisions Backbone). If you are searching by name or title, you can enter just the beginning part of the name to find what you need.

Paired Proposals

Proposals in Cayuse SP can be paired with proposals in Cayuse 424, connecting the administrative records in Evisions SP with the proposals prepared for submission in Cayuse 424.

Pairing can occur during the proposal creation process, and it can also be introduced, changed, or removed later.

When proposals are paired, a  icon is shown on most screens to make navigating between the two proposals easy. Paired proposals in Cayuse SP can also receive budget data from Cayuse 424.

Paired proposals are routed through Cayuse SP, and permissions for the paired Cayuse 424 proposal are also managed through Cayuse SP.