WSU Institutional Facts

Type of Institution:

  • Non-Profit Educational Institution 

Type of Business:

  • Not a Small Business
  • Not Minority-Owned
  • Not Women-Owned

U.S. Congressional District:

  • 13th Congressional District

State Senator:

  • 1st District

State Representative:

  • 6th District

Equal Employment Opportunity Information Report (IPED-EEO6):

  • Submitted to U.S. Department of Education

Cognizant Audit Agency (DHHS):

  • When completing agency forms you may be asked for our Federal Cognizant Agency information.  Agency Name: DHHS; POC Name: Olulola Oluborode; Phone Number: 214-767-3261. Current Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates (Indirect Cost)

Project Type Effective Dates Rates
On-Campus Organized Research 10/01/2023 Until Amended 54.00
Off-Campus Organized Research 10/12/2023 Until Amended 26.00
Instruction On-Campus 10/01/2023 Until Amended 53.00
Instruction Off-Campus 10/01/2023 Until Amended 26.00
Other Sponsored Activities On-Campus 10/01/2023 Until Amended 37.00
Other Sponsored Activities Off-Campus 10/01/2023 Until Amended 26.00

MTDC Base: F&A Rates are applied to a Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) base as defined in the current Indirect Cost Rate Agreement.

Federal Taxpayer ID Number (EIN):

  • 38-6028429, with the following exceptions:
  • HHS agencies, such as NIH, on applications, use 1386028429A1

WSU Tax Exempt Number:

  • 38-78-0203K

DUNS Number:

  • 001962224

Unique Entity ID (UEI):

  • M6K6NTJ2MNE5

NSF Organization Number:

  • 0023291000      

NIH Institutional Profile:

  • 9110501

NIH Assurances:

  • Human Subjects Federal Wide Assurance FWA: 00002460 - (expires 4/26/2026)
  • Animal Subjects: D16-00198 (A3310-01) - (4/12/2022 - 2/28/2026)
  • Assoc for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC): Approval effective 3/1/2015
  • Misconduct in Science Latest Annual Report Submitted: 1/28/2019

CAGE Code:

  • 2B019

State of Michigan Registration No. for rDNA Research:

  • D-02

WSU Radioisotopes (NCR):

  • 21-00741-08

Standard Industrial Classification Code:

  • 8221

Cognizant Audit Agency CASB Disclosure Statement:

  • Approved 1/16/1998

Administrative Contrating Office:

  • ONR Resident Represtative 536 South Clark St., Room 286, Chicago IL, 60615-1588 expiration date:

  • 08/10/2024

Research Support (Audited Financial Report, FY19):

  • $155,212.00

Dollar Voulme of Business (Audited Financial Report, FY19):

  • $875,270.00

Student Enrollment (Fall 2019):

  • 26,844

Automobile Expemse Reimbursement:

  • 62.5 cents/mile for business
  • 22 cents/mile for medical or moving purposes

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse: for subawardee organization profile information (UEI, EIN, CAGE, etc.)