NSF Prior Approvals

The following is a listing of grantee notifications and requests to NSF. Notifications and requests are submitted via Research.gov and  initiated by the PI. Once the PI initiates in Research.gov, the notification or request will route to Sponsored Program Administration for approval before being submitted to NSF. If you have any questions or need your Grant and Contract Officer to initiate the prior approval on the PI's behalf, please contact SPA.

For additional information regarding NSF prior approvals, please refer to: About Notifications and Requests


Notification Type Required Information
Grantee Approved No-Cost Extension
  • Revised end date (cannot exceed 12 months)
  • Justification for Grantee Approved No-Cost Extension
Significant Changes/Delays or Events of Unusual Interest
  • Description of changes/delays or event
  • Impact on the Project
Significant Changes in Methods/Procedures Description of Change(s) in Methods/Procedures
Annual and Final Cost Share Notification by Recipient
  • Start and end date
  • Cost Sharing Amount for the reporting period
  • Cumulative Cost Sharing amount reported to date
  • Cost Sharing Notification Type (annual or final)
  • Explanation
Conflicts of Interest.Please work with CGA to submit notification.
  • Description of conflict
  • Explanation of why conflict (s) of interest cannot be  managed, reduced or eliminated, or explanation why research proceeded without the imposition of conditions or restrictions when a conflict of interest exists


Request Type Required Information
Withdrawal of PI/Co-PI
  • Rationale for Withdrawal
  • Impact on the Project
Pre-Award Costs in Excess of 90 Days
  • Period when Pre-award Costs Occurred (from date and to date)
  • Pre-Award Cost Amount
  • Justification for Pre-Award in Excess of 90 Days
Reallocation of Funds Budgeted for Participant Support Costs
  • Revised amount of participant support costs
  • Justification for reallocation of funds budgeted for participant support costs
Rearrangement/Alteration of $25,000 or over
  • Amount
  • Description of Activity
NSF Approved No-Cost Extension (required at least 45 days prior to the expiration of grant)
  • Revised expiration date
  • Remaining Funds
  • Justification for NSF-Approved No Cost Extension
  • Plan for use of unobligated funds
  • Explanation for late request (if later than 45 days prior to expiration of the grant)
Changes in Objective or Scope
  • Proposed changes in objective or scope
  • Justification for changes in objective or scope
Long-Term Disengagement of the PI or co-PI(Greater than Three Months) (Must be submitted at least 30 days before departure)
  • Period of Disengagement (from and to date)
  • Justification for Long-Term Disengagement of the PI or co-PI
  • Arrangements for conduct of project during the Period of Disengagement
Subawarding, Transferring or Contracting Out Part of an NSF Award
  • Clear description of the work to be performed (scope of work)
  • Basis for selection of the subrecipient organization
  • Separate budget and budget justification, and subrecipient commitment form for each subaward
Change in Person-Months Devoted to Project
  • Original time commitment
  • Revised time commitment
  • Justification for Change in Person-Months Devoted to Project
  • Impact on the project
PI or Co-PI Transfer from One Organization to Another
  • Total estimated disbursements to date and any anticipated costs yet to be incurred against the original grant
  • Brief description of the progress to date on the project in the original organization
  • Description of the work that will be carried out on the project in the new organization
  • Budget showing the allocation of the remaining award funds for use in the new organization and a justification of how the funds will be expended
Substitute (Change) PI or Co-PI
  • Biographical sketch of the PI or Co-PI
  • Current and pending support document detailing any current and pending financial support to the PI/Co-PI for this or other projects
  • Justification for the change of PI or addition or change of Co-PIs