Arts and Humanities All Recipients

Natalie Bakopoulos, English
A Little History Had to Intervene
Sarika Chandra, English
Race After Representation
Beth Fowler, Irvin D. Reid Honors College
An Integrated Effort: Rock and Roll, Desegregation Movements, and Post-Civil Rights Racis
John Hannigan, Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute
Story of a Century: The Making of the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute in Detroit
Yuson Jung, Anthropology
The Cultural Politics of Wine: Globalization and the Transformation of the Bulgarian Wine Industry
Lauren Kalman, Art and Art History
Tending the Garden
Marsha Richmond, History
Sentinel of Science: Theo Colborn and the Discovery of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors
Danielle Aubert, Art and Art History
Fredy Perlman and the Detroit Printing Co-op
Thomas Killion, Anthropology
Questioning Abandonment: An ethnoarchaeological study of landscape dispersal, agro-pastoral change, and community narratives in the Mediterranean highlands of Valencia, Spain
Barry Lyons, Anthropology
Climate Change and Evangelical Christians: Public Engagement through Film
Andrew Newman, Anthropology
Empire's Garden: Race, Colonial Anthropology, and Visual Experience in fin-de-siècle Paris
Joo Won Park, Music
Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State: A Large Ensemble Project
Krysta Ryzewski, Anthropology
Detroit Remains: Archaeologies of Community History in the Post-Industrial City
Petr Staroverov, English
Digital framework for disseminating linguistic and cultural data
Natalie Bakopoulos, English
Of Sinners and Thieves
Victor Figueroa, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Decolonial Topophilia: An Ecocritical Approach to the Poetry of Luis Palés Matos, Juan Antonio Corretjer, and Julia de Burgos
Haiyong Liu, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Generic Objects in Chinese Verb-Object Compounds
Anne Duggan, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Julie Koehler, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Nineteenth-Century Women Writing Wonder: Subverting Tradition
Billicia Hines, Theatre
The Voices of Morisseau, Salter, and Kelley: In their Own Words
Janine Lanza, History
Chopped: A Cultural History of the Guillotine
Millee Tibbs, Art and Art History
Mount Analogue
Derek Cote, Art and Art History
Freezer Burn: Tracking the Arctic's Transformation from Cold Wasteland to Heated Battleground
Michael Fuhlhage, Communication
News Gathering and the Viral Spread of Information in the Secession Crisis
Jamie Goodrich, English
The Babylon of Brussels: Spiritual Controversies among English Benedictines, 1609-1642
Jennifer Hart, History
Accra Mobile: Mapping Mobility, Culture, and History in Contemporary Ghana
Kelly Jakes, Communication
Indecorous Dissent: Popular Music and Resistant in WWII France, 1940-1945
Wendy Matthews, Music
Singing to Babies in Motown: The Detroit Lullaby Project
Alisa Moldavanova, Political Science
The Public Purpose of the Arts: Social Connectedness, Survival, and Sustainability of Arts Organizations in the Detroit Metropolitan Area
Tracy Neumann, History
The Urban International: Planning and Development from the Marshall Plan to Microfinance
Barrett Watten, English
The Day of Open Monuments: Learning from Berlin
Jonathan Anderson, Music
Beyond Evergreen: Interactive Music Environments for Dance
Jonathan Flatley, English
Black Leninism
Donovan Hohn, English
After the Flood: The Ascension of Valmeyer, Illinois
Lauren Kalman, Art & Art History
But If the Crime Is Beautiful…
M.L. Liebler, English
Hound Dog: A Memoir of Rock, Revolution and Redemption
Haiyong Liu, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Encoding Counterfactuality in Chinese, Syntactically
Michele Ronnick, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Sarah C.B. Scarborough (1851-1933): White Intellectual at a Black University
Anne Rothe, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Germans in Israel: Life Histories between Interethnic Migration, Religious Conversion, and Holocaust Memory
Millee Tibbs, Arts and Art History
Mountains + Valleys

Danielle Aubert, Art and Art History
Book Project: Life in the Vitic

Derek Cote, Art and Art History
Pyramiden: Visualizing the Last Moments of a Soviet Ghost Town
Chera Kee, English
And the Dead Shall Walk the Earth: Zombies and the Politics of the Undead
Elizabeth Reich, English
Hollywood's Invisible Men: Black Soldiers and the Transformation of American Cinema
Krysta Ryzewski, Anthropology
Unearthing Detroit: Re-Assembling the City's Cultural Heritage through Museum Collections and Community Archaeology
Barrett Watten, English
Learning from Berlin: Post-1945 Exhibitions and the Ruins of History
Alexander Day, History
Producing the Peasant: A Cultural History of Tea Production in China, from the 1880s through the 1950s
Liette Gidlow, History
The Struggle for Woman Suffrage After the Nineteenth Amendment: Toward a New Narrative of Women's Citizenship in the U.S.
Michael Giordano, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
A Mirror of French Renaissance Culture: The Anatomical Blazon: Comparative Literature, Descriptive Anatomy, Mannerism, Iconography, and Nominalism
Lauren Kalman, Art and Art History
Caroline Maun, English
Complete Poems of Charlotte Wilder
Elena Past, Modern and Classical Languages
On Location: Ecomedia and Italian Cinema
Scott C. Richmond, English
Perception: Cinema, Phenomenology, Illusion
Mary Dereski, Institute of Environment Health Sciences
Eva Powers, Music
Lisa M. Chiodo, Pediatrics
Cheryl L. Somers, Psychology
Erica Raglin, Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Creative Dance Intervention for Children with a History of Lead-Poisoning
Sandy Meier, Art and Art History
Selfhood on the Edge: African Photography at the Indian Ocean Crossroads
Aaron Retish, History
In the Courts of Revolution: Vengeance, Legality, and Citizenship in the Rural Soviet Courtroom, 1917-1953
Stanley Rosenthal, Art and Art History
Sandra Schemske, WSU Art Collection Coordinator
Josephine Hazen, Workshop/Demonstration Coordinator
Arthur C. Danto: Printmaking Workshop and Demonstration, Master Print Collection and Online Exhibition
Eric Troffkin, Art and Art History
Lens Flare: Realization, Release, and Recapture
Mary Anderson, Theatre
Doug Risner, Dance
Transforming Urban Centers through Community-based Performing Arts: A Qualitative Study of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre
Holly Feen-Calligan, Teacher Education
Elizabeth Barton, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
Anthony Lake, Theatre
Marion Jackson, Art and Art History
Aku Kadogo, Black Theatre Program
ArtsCorpsDetroit - The Research Component
John Richardson, Art and Art History
Adrian Hatfield, Art and Art History
TechTown Gallery Project
Laura Roelofs, Music
String Project@Wayne
Jeffrey Abt, Art and Art History
Identity and Abstraction: The Jewish Museum of New York
Terrance Albrecht, Karmanos Cancer Institute
Steven Peters, Theatre
Felicity Harper, Family Medicine
Grace Serra, Children's Hospital
Using Art to Help Families Cope with Pediatric Cancer Treatment Anxiety
Chris Collins, Music
The Detroit/Torino Urban Jazz Project II: Bridging Cultures and Orchestrating Collaborations
Marion Elizabeth Jackson, Art and Art History
Nordestinos: Art and the Popular Imagination in the Northeast of Brazil
Christiane Joost-Gaugier, Art and Art History
Marilyn Zimmerman, Art and Art History
Proposal to Restore Yamasaki Moats and Gardens at W.S.U.
Jim Nawara, Art and Art History
Phenomena in Landscape Painting
Jeff Michael Rebudal, Dance
Jon Anderson, Dance
Cory Globke, Theatre
Urban Renewal Landscape: A Detroit Multi-Media Choreographic Project in Dance and Opera
Lavinia Hart, Theatre
Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium
Jennifer Olmsted, Art and Art History
Delacroix, Art and the Contest for Power in North America
Doug Risner, Dance
Boys and Male Youth in Dance: A Qualitative Study of Male Participation & Access in Dance Education in the U.S.
Laura Roelofs, Music
WSU String Project
Marilyn Zimmerman, Art and Art History
Woodward Avenue Online: Globalizing the Motor City's Major Artery
Dora Apel, Art and Art History
War Culture: Art, Media, and Contemporary War
Christopher Collins, Music
The Detroit/Torino Urban Jazz Project
Mary Cooney, Theatre
Raise the Curtain
Brian Kritzman, Art and Art History
Tamara Bray, Museum of Anthropology
Allen Batteau, Institute for Information Technology and Culture
Identity Constructing Reality Constructing Identity
Brian Madigan, Art History
Sarah Bassett, Art and Art History
The Numinous Image in Classical and Late Antiquity
Linda Simmons, Dance
The Village School
Terese Volk, Music
Mary Wischusen, Music
Judith Moldenhauer, Art and Art History
Sean McCannLibrary System
WPA/DSO Music Scores: Cataloging and Digitization