Internal Funding

To support and encourage research endeavors at the university, the Office of the Vice President for Research offers a variety of internal research funding opportunities for which faculty are eligible to compete. Details about our competitions, links to guidelines and application forms, and past award recipients can be found in the list below.


Visit our WSU InfoReady site to link to internal funding programs:

If you have programmatic questions, contact If you have questions about the transfer of funds for any of our programs, contact Tanisha Hodges. NOTE: Funds will not be transferred until IRB/IACUC protocol is approved when projects involve human or animal subjects.


Program Announcement


Past Recipients

October 18, 2023

Research Mentors Program for New Faculty


All Recipients

LOI due: October 24, 2023
Full proposal due
by invitation only

Arts and Humanities Research Support


All Recipients

October 27, 2023

Social Sciences Research Support Program

  All Recipients
November 3, 2023

Faculty Competition for Postdoctoral Fellows


All Recipients

November 30, 2023 Grant Advance Program   NEW!
continuoius Grant Leap Funding Program   NEW!

Pre-Submission Review

Potential Grant Editors




Award for Graduate Students Who Obtain External Support


All Recipients


OVPR Cost Share Requests



See Grant Advance

Grants Boost


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