Freelance Grammatical Research Grant Editors

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Sarah Bishop


  • Ph.D. in English, University of Virginia
  • Extensive experience editing dissertations, academic monographs, and grant applications
  • Also proficient with science applications
  • Will find ways for a researcher to present his or her work more clearly for specialized or general audiences

Lee Carpenter


  • 30 years of experience in the cultivation and coordination of faculty teams around specific external funding announcements; proposal development, preparation (including writing and editing), and submission
  • Particular expertise in the social and health sciences
  • Since 2001 I have been broadening those experiences to include work in energy, the environment, earth and engineering sciences, and related areas

Tyler Cutforth


  • 4 years grant editing experience
  • Background is in molecular biology/genetics/neuro-science
  • Full-time in research development at UC Irvine

Jheri Dupart

  • BioScripta Health Science Communications
  • Doctorate is from MD Anderson
  • Comfortable working across biomedicine and many other fields, including infrastructure ('large, high-value') proposals
  • Great eye for consistency and logical presentation. She has also worked as an English language editor for an overseas journal, and is great for working on writing from non-native speakers

Mary Licklider

  • Recently retired director for Grant Writing and Publications, University of Missouri
  • Initiated and taught grantsmanship courses and seminars and collaborated with faculty members on proposal preparation
  • Member of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals, the Grant Professionals Association, and the Society of Research Administrators

Lisa Maroski


  • Over 25 years of helping medical researchers get funding fromNIH, NSF, DoD, and private foundations and get manuscripts published in prestigious journals
  • Experience in most sciences, with expertise in biomedical sciences, including oncology, (epi)genetics, neurology, micro and molecular biology, immunology, and rheumatology
  • Teach workshops on self-editing, grantwriting, and making your research more innovative
  • Editing that goes way beyond grammar—includes logic, coherence, completeness, and persuasiveness
  • Experience with multi-disciplinary, multi-investigator grant proposals
  • Assist writers for whom English is not their first language

Marjorie P. Piechowski


  • Director of Research Support, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Responsible for coordinating and editing large-scale multi-disciplinary, multi-investigator research proposals; writing grants for student support

J.C. Ross


  • Does interdisciplinary art/science and art/engineering projects
  • Has experience with NSF grants and science writing
  • Taught writing for 20 years at the university level

Michelle M. Schoenecker


  • Proposal developer and technical editor, College of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • MA in English specializing in Professional and Technical Writing and Editing
  • More than 10 years experience in technical writing (6.5 years in the sciences)
  • Helps faculty develop compelling and competitive research proposals, primarily to NSF, NIH, DoD, and DOE
  • Works primarily with faculty for whom English is second or third language; edits journal manuscripts for grammar and compliance with format requirements 

Sharlene Simon


  • One of the original proposal developers in the North Carolina State University Proposal Development Unit (PDU)
  • Now PDU assistant director
  • Available to work as a grammatical editor on proposals
  • Ensures no conflict of interest existed and verify that NC State was not competing for the same grant solicitation


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