Wayne State University


is a web-based system for submitting, tracking, reviewing and approving research protocols.


eProtocol is a new web-based system for submitting, tracking, reviewing and approving research protocols subject to oversight by the Research Integrity Office in a paperless environment. The initial phase one roll-out of eProtocol at Wayne State University began May 18, 2015 after the completion of user acceptance testing of the Conflict of Interest (e-COI) module.

Phase one of eProtocol also will include the launch of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) module which will follow shortly after the launch of e-COI. Additional phases will include the launch of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR), Radiation Safety (RSC), Biosafety (IBC), and Controlled Substances (CS) modules.

eProtocol will provide researchers with a faster,more efficient mechanism for submitting, tracking and overseeing their research programs and improve many of the services provided to Wayne State University researchers. Some of the benefits of eProtocol will include:

  • Dashboard access and management of all study materials
  • Streamlined data entry process
  • Electronic approval signatures from any location
  • Status tracking of required training for study team members
  • Automated notifications of approaching deadlines
  • Real-time feedback on the status of reviews
  • Incorporate amendments directly into new protocols
  • Direct management of study personnel on protocols
  • Provide study team members with 24/7 web access from any location

Focus group sessions for each module were conducted with faculty, committee members and staff to evaluate the software and make recommendations to improve the user experience. The resulting user recommendations will be incorporated in the eProtocol system. Training sessions will be held prior to the launch of each phase, and additional information will be available online in the future to assist users.