Navigating New Regulations for Personal Vehicle Transport

NIH’s Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare regulations state that all vehicles used for transport of animals must be inspected by a representative of the IACUC.  This includes both vehicles used by the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources and personal vehicles used for transport by faculty.  If you wish to use your personal vehicle for transport of animals, it must be described, in detail, in the protocol with a scientific justification.  During the transport, animals must be placed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle and must be secured in the car (i.e., with seatbelt or bungee).  Transport must be direct between buildings/locations with no stops in between.  There should be a form of secondary containment for the cages, as well (i.e., rat cage for mouse cage, large plastic tote). 

The inspection process is fairly simple and can be arranged with the IACUC Office (  Inspections must be done prior to protocol and/or amendment approval and every six months (during the regular IACUC semi-annual inspection). 

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