Photographs in the Animal Housing and Use Areas

In the age of digital photography and social media, it is easy to take photos and videos of animal research and post these to websites and social media platforms. As always, the use of photography or videography in animal facilities must be indicated in an approved IACUC protocol.  This policy is not intended to impede research but to protect the confidentiality and integrity of Wayne State University (WSU) research; to ensure respect for the privacy and safety interests of faculty, staff, students, and animals; and to prevent misleading representation of animal care and use at WSU and the John D. Dingell VAMC.

Photography by researchers and their staff for educational or scientific purposes is still allowed, however, you must obtain permission for outside entities (e.g., those personnel not listed on your protocol, reporters, etc.) to photograph or take video of your research animals. A policy and form have been developed to assist with this process. To review the Audio/Visual Recording in Animal Housing and Use Areas Policy, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact the IACUC Office at

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