Reminders for anesthetic machine rental and animal ordering

DLAR has updated their Anesthetic Rental Policy to ensure fair policies across campus, and to ensure we have adequate inventory of anesthetic machines to support the research community. Moving forward, all anesthetic machine rentals will be charged a daily use fee of $13.36 per day. This is an all-inclusive charge, as DLAR maintains the inventory and calibration of the devices and provides anesthetic gas and oxygen. The daily fee will be charged for each day that the unit is in a lab’s possession, regardless of use. Please note, this fee adjusts along with our per diems, on an annual basis. 

DLAR reminds researchers to contact either Erika Rosenberger ((313) 577-1107,  or Kallie Jones ((313) 577-8303,  in the DLAR Business office for any animal ordering questions. There has been an increase in research personnel contacting vendors directly trying to place orders. This undermines the relationships with Wayne State's vendors and often creates confusion for all involved, as animal orders are not finalized until confirmed through DLAR’s ordering mechanisms. Additionally, those with special orders (i.e., time mated, pregnant, surgically implanted, unique strains) are highly encouraged to place orders weeks in advance to ensure timely receipt. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Contact info

Julie O'Connor

Director, Research Communications
Phone: 313-577-8845