Streamlining renewals with “Clone Protocol”

The 'Clone Protocol' feature is a dynamic tool designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of renewing your protocols. With just a few clicks, this function generates a duplicate of your existing protocol while assigning a brand-new protocol ID. Upon creating the cloned protocol, here are key areas that require your attention and customization to align with your evolving research objectives:

  • Species Section
    • Live-in animals update: Adjust your species table to include the number of animals currently in-house that are shifting from your expired protocol to the renewal.
    • Three-year forecast: Your species table should be updated to provide the number of animals you intend to utilize over the upcoming three years.
  • General Questions
    • Update question #1 to reflect your currently expiring protocol.
  • Funding
    • Synchronized grants: List only the grants currently relevant to your protocol. Remove any grants that are no longer applicable.
  • Animal Use Justification
    • Updated literature search: Repeat the literature search, with no data older than three months from the time of protocol submission.
  • Attachments
    • Re-attach essential documents: Note that cloning excludes attachments. You will need to reattach all essential documents (i.e., grants, outside housing forms, hazard forms).

To guarantee the coherence and relevance of your protocol, a comprehensive review is vital. Scrutinize each of the sections to confirm that they are appropriately revised, reflecting the current focus and direction of your renewal protocol. If you have any questions on cloning or renewing a protocol, please feel free to contact the IACUC Office ( 

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