Tips for Improving the Non-Surgical Procedure Details Section

The Non-Surgical Procedure Details section can be a challenge since it is a narrative of all non-surgical procedures to be performed in the protocol. It is a section which can result in a number of questions from reviewers during the protocol review process, increasing the review turn-around time. The following is a series of tips to assist you when preparing this section:

  • Remember to include all non-surgical procedures which will be performed on living animals in this section in sufficient detail.
  • This section should read almost as a standard operating procedure (SOP) and should include details such as drugs or agents to be administered and blood-draw details (routes of administration, amounts, frequency, needle gauge, etc.).
  • Include details of how behavioral tests or other experimental manipulations will be performed, such that someone could administer the test/manipulation by reading the protocol.
  • You do not need to include post-mortem manipulations (i.e., in vitro experiments). 
  • You should include humane endpoints and how often you will be monitoring animals (i.e., tumor monitoring).

As always, if you have questions while you are preparing your protocol or during the review process, please feel free to reach out to the IACUC Office (

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