Wayne State welcomes new associate director of Responsible Conduct of Research

Dr. Elaine Joseph, associate director, Responsible Conduct of Research, Wayne State University

Please join me in welcoming our new associate director, Responsible Conduct of Research – Elaine Joseph, Ph.D., C.P.I.A. 

Wayne State’s Animal Care and Use Program is happy to welcome Dr. Elaine Joseph.  Dr. Joseph has a doctorate in Zoology from Miami University, Ohio and performed behavioral and veterinary research on primates for 10 years before transitioning to research administration full time.  She has over 15 years of experience in research administration and comes to us most recently from the University of Toledo.  She has experience not only with overseeing regulatory compliance of an animal care and use program, but also controlled substances and human stem cell research oversight. 

“I am particularly excited about this opportunity because it is rewarding to know I can play at least a small role in supporting the amazing research conducted at Wayne State University,” Joseph said.

Dr. Joseph’s main passion is maintaining regulatory compliance while reducing administrative burden for both faculty and administrative staff.  Although she has only been at Wayne State for two months, she states “It already feels like home.”

Elaine hit the ground running and has already made improvements to our program, such as Virtual Office Hours (Thursday’s 1:00-2:00pm).  If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, please introduce yourself to Elaine and welcome her to our animal welfare program.

Best regards,

Phil Cunningham, Ph.D.

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