Conflict of Interest

To enter a disclosure you must use either Firefox or Safari (not Internet Explorer) for your browser.  Please remember, you will need your WSU AccessID and password to login.  If you do not have a WSU AccessID, please contact Ginette Borovicka at 313-577-1862 or

Wayne State University encourages external activities that enhance an employee's value to WSU. WSU's presence in local, national, or international communities, provides public service, or brings cutting edge research to the public via industry partnerships. In order to protect the public trust and promote objectivity in these activities, the University has adopted a Research Policy on Individual and Institutional Financial Conflict of Interest. This policy establishes standards to ensure that there is no reasonable expectation that WSU employees will be biased in these endeavors by competing financial interests.

Please see the new Individual & Institutional Financial Research Policy on Conflict of Interest.

Public accessibility

For PHS funded research projects, WSU will ensure public accessibility of information concerning any FCOI associated with a project.  Information concerning identified FCOI's held by investigators will be made available within 5 days of a written request.  To request such information, please complete the Request for Information form (PDF) and submit to:

IRB submissions

If you are submitting to the IRB and have disclosed a Financial Conflict of Interest, include a copy of the Management Plan and a copy of the signed Acceptance Memorandum received from the FCOI Committee. If you do not present these documents to the Institutional Review Board office, they will not accept your submission as complete.

New Conflict of Interest CITI training module

Please be aware that there is a required Conflict of Interest training module that can be accessed in through the CITI website. You must complete this training prior to completing the FCOI Disclosure form.  To access the online training modules from CITI go to:

Step-by-step instructions to using CITI.

Once you have signed in to the CITI website, you may need to click on the "Add a Course or Update your Learner Group" link.  You will then be taken to the Select Curriculum page where you may choose the Conflicts of Interest course.

If you have questions regarding the CITI training please contact Ginette Borovicka at (313) 577-1862 or contact CITI directly at (305) 907-3100 or (888) 529-5929. For FAQs and general CITI support inquiries, visit the CITI KnowledgeBase.

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