One Health Pilot Project Program Letter of Intent

For those interested in the One Health Pilot Program, the first step is to submit a letter of intent (LOI) as a single pdf file as described below. The LOI should include:

  • Complete the cover page found here. The fillable cover page form includes:
    • Project Title
    • PI Contact information (name, affiliation, phone and email)
    • Other key personnel information (name, affiliation, role)
    • Doe your project involve use of human subjects or vetebrate animals?
  • Write no more than two pages that contain the following sections:
    • Significance: Briefly introduce the proposed project and clearly explain why it is significant, innovative, and likely to lead to external research grant funding.
    • Community Relevance: In one paragraph, clearly explain why/how this project addresses a One Health science problem that is of concern to the community. This paragraph should be written in plain language understandable by a general, lay audience.
    • Hypothesis and Specific Aims: State the project's hypothesis and specific aims.
    • Research Design: Briefly explain the approaches to be used to conduct the proposed project.
    • Timeline: Provide an estimated timeline for the project that includes any need to obtain regulatory approvals (e.g., animal and/or human subjects) as well as the estimated time to perform the study. This will facilitate assessment of the feasibility of performing the study within the ~1.0-year time frame).
    • Budget: Provide an estimated total budget and expected use of the funds.
  • Submit Letters of Intent (LOI) as a single PDF file as email attachments to Brendan O'Leary, One Health Initiative Program Coordinator,

Those selected for submitting a full proposal will receive an email invitation.