Services and fees


Core Service

Rate as of January 2023

LC/MS/MS (High Resolution; hourly) $75
LC/MS/MS (HighResolution; daily) $1200
Digestion $30
Digestion with homogenization $45
Affinity Selection (Antibody) $200
Affinity Selection (Miscellaneous) $175
Affinity Selection (TiO2) $50

Quantitation (TMT) - 10 µg


Quantitation (TMT) - 300 µg

Gel Stain $60
Band Excision (up to 10 slices) $30
Spin Column Fractionation $500
Detergent Removal $32
Desalting (C18 tip) $32
Data Analysis (hourly) $60
Training (hourly) $60
Octet Red96 Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) (hourly) $25

Payment options:

 WSU customers: Payment can be made through a Wayne State index number. IRBs are no longer required.

 Non-WSU customers: We accept checks only.

Make check payable to Wayne State University and mail with copy of invoice to:

Cashier's Office - Wayne State University
1230 Scott Hall
540 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201