International travel tips

Wayne State University employees are advised to not travel to embargoed countries to conduct research or educational activities without first consulting with WSU's Export Control Office to secure a license from the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control. A request to travel in embargoed countries is sometimes granted for educational purposes.

Consider these tips when planning international travel:

  • Rule of Thumb - If you don't need it, don't take it with you!
  •  Please contact the Export Control Office if you are unsure about any materials that you plan to take with you.
  • Take only those data that have been published or which are in the public domain.
  • Remove export-controlled material (information, technical data, and/or software) from your laptop prior to leaving the United States.
  • Encryption products (beyond the normal Microsoft Office Suite) may require a license or a documented exception if the product(s) are listed on either the Commerce Control List or the United States Munitions List (USML).
  • Contact the Export Control Office to request a Restricted Party Screening for entities and individuals with whom you will be interacting so that we can determine whether a license is necessary for your planned activities.
  • Please reference OFAC's Sanctions Program and Country Summaries to review the most current list of embargoed countries and U. S. sanctions.
  • Review up-to-date travel warnings and alerts from
  • Review up-to date travel health information and notices from
  • When preparing for international travel, further guidance can be found at; and
  • Please visit our website at for additional information.