External Submission Process

Log-In vs New User Registration:

New users must register first; please see the steps below.

**All users should refer to Requesting Mass Spec Services and/or Reserving Walk-Up Instrument Time for further guidance.

1. New users must register under "Get started, register here for free" at the link here.

2. Enter the requested information and click on the "Join Now" button.

3. Proceed through the rest of the registration process using the Registration Wizard.

4. Next, click on "Request Access" for access to YOUR lab.

Access may require manual approval from your PI if your lab settings have not been set to auto approval. If you do not see your lab name, click on the link to email a WSU Admin.

5. Next, request access to the Proteomics Core Facility - your access may or may not require manual approval depending on facility settings.

6. See the next section to know whether to request access to any instruments.

Requesting Mass Spec Services:

1. For proteomics mass spec services, select the Proteomics Core Facility, click on the Request Services tab and fill out the Proteomics Service Request Form.

**IF the system requires the Service ID box to be filled, you can enter anything (Ex. Your experiment name).

2. Once you submit a request

a. Core will review your request and send you a quote.

(Consult with PI as needed before approving read "Important Note for PIs" section.)

b. User will approve the quote and send the Core a PO #.

c. Core will send final invoice once the job is completed.

d. User will send a check in the mail.

Reserving Walk-Up Instrument Time:

(All new users MUST request access to the instrument of choice - applies to the Octet 96, the Spectradyne nCS1 Particle Size Analyzer, and the Covaris sonication instrument.

1. If you are a new user, click on the Instruments tab, select the Proteomics Core Facility, and request access to the instrument of choice by clicking on "Request Access" in the pop-up box that appears when you hover over the instrument image.

2. Once approved as a new user or you are an already-approved past user, you may reserve your time.

3. When reserving time in the calendar, select YOUR lab name in the reservation box.

4. Once user has used the instrument, the Core will send a quote for approval and the user will need to send the Core a PO #. The Core will only bill for actual instrument run time.

5. Core will send final invoice once the PO # is received.

6. User will send a check in the mail.

Important Note for PIs:

1. If you would like to assign a lab member or office staff to oversee your Infinity account activities (as a manager), please contact the Core. This individual will approve lab members' requests for access to their lab, and approve price quotes and invoices that require PI approval based on the parameters within the Lab Settings tab (see step 2). Otherwise, the PI will be notified to move the service requests along in the system when PI approval is required.

2. To set approval thresholds for invoices (manual vs auto-approval) and to set approval procedures for quotes for your lab, click on the Lab tab, then click on Lab Settings.

**Lab Settings are very important as they will determine whether lab members have authority to bypass PI approval for their service request quotes & invoices.