DLAR Per Diem Rates and Other Fees for Remainder of FY2024

The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) conducts a comprehensive annual cost analysis to determine per diem rates. The process is conducted in compliance with the NIH Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Research Facilities. DLAR operational expenses are categorized for each species and per standard practice, actual operational per diem rates are calculated by dividing annual expense by the annual census for each species.

The Vice President for Research subsidizes DLAR operations and the per diem rate to facilitate the broader research mission.  As costs increase annually, this subsidy helps reduce the increase that would otherwise be borne solely by investigators using animal resources. Over the past fiscal year, DLAR operations have been increasingly affected by significant material price increases in various operational areas, including food, personal protection equipment (PPE), bedding, detergents, and other items.

To partially offset these increased costs and provide cost savings to the principal investigators, per diem rates will increase 1% for FY24.

The specific FY24 DLAR per diem and service charge schedule appears at https://research.wayne.edu/dlar/rates and rates are effective as of January 1, 2024. For information regarding additional diagnostic and technical services available from DLAR, please contact the business office at 313-577-1107. Projecting forward, for grant or contract budget projections, please include a 2 to 4% per diem increase per annum in subsequent years.

As you know, the DLAR continues a variety of programs to increase operational efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of animal care, in support of our research mission and the communities that we serve. Thank you for your engagement, support, and kind consideration.

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