Veterinary Technical Services

DLAR Veterinary Technical Services (VTS) supports the research community at Wayne State University through services which aim to maintain health and welfare of animals on campus. VTS offers a variety of services to investigators and laboratory staff. These services include:

Rodent import/export

VTS coordinates the importation and exportation of rodents from non-commercial vendors (e.g., universities). VTS will work with the PI or laboratory staff to facilitate all aspects of the transfer. In addition, VTS coordinates intra-university transfer of animals between buildings. Please contact with your request.

Animal transfers (across campus)

DLAR is committed to the safety and welfare of animals utilized in research studies at Wayne State University. During the course of an experiment, it may become necessary to transport and house animals at different buildings across campus.  Veterinary Technical Services will assist you with the transportation process. Please complete the "Campus Animal Transfer" form and email it to, our staff will process your request and notify the DLAR buildings involved. Please allow 72 hours to process all transfer requests.  Transfers must be approved in the PI's protocol or amendment prior to the requested transfer date.

  • Animal Transfer Form
  • DLAR Transportation Technician is available to transport your animals in a DLAR designated vehicle used specifically for the purpose of animal transport.
  • Researchers may opt to transport their own animals. When choosing this option, it is required that the IACUC's policy on "Transportation of animals" be strictly followed.

Rodent health surveillance

Health surveillance of all rodent colonies on campus is performed three times per year. VTS oversees the ordering/harvesting of sentinel animals, outbreak management, and maintenance of health status records.

Medical equipment rental/maintenance

VTS manages the rental of medical equipment from DLAR across campus. In addition, VTS can assist with required yearly maintenance on vaporized anesthesia machines owned by researchers.

Specialty Drug Procurement

DLAR VTS staff assists the research community in procuring certain pharmaceuticals that may require a medical license to purchase.  This can include providing a prescription in certain instances, or purchasing the items directly and charging back to the investigator.

Assessment of Sanitization

DLAR VTS staff has equipment that can be used to evaluate the cleanliness of equipment that comes into contact with animals.  The method of choice is an ATP Luminometer.  This method is used routinely within the vivaria, and can be utilized by the research community to assess sanitization practices in laboratory spaces.  Please coordinate with VTS staff.


For further information on these services please contact VTS at

Import/Export Coordinator: Linda Walowicz, LVT, LATG Phone: (313) 993-4005

Health Surveillance Coordinator: Lindsay Hardy, LVT, Phone: (313) 577-8351

Clinical Veterinarian:  Erin Katz, DVM -, Phone: (313) 577-5298