Veterinary Care

Contact veterinarians for a consultation or to discuss/report ill animals:

  • Dr. Bridget Baker, DVM, MS, Clinical Veterinarian
    Phone: 313-577-2608
  • Dr. Tara Cotroneo, DVM, DACLAM, Director, Veterinary Technical Services
    Phone: (313) 577-1405
  • Dr. Gerry Hish, DVM, DACLAM, Assistant Vice President, Veterinary Surgical Services
    Phone: 313-577-1236

Animal care personnel, in the course of providing husbandry services, are required to observe/examine animals and report any which appear ill. If research staff notes animals which appear ill, they are urged to report them to DLAR Veterinarian.

Ill animals are examined by a DLAR veterinarian who will establish a clinical diagnosis based on physical and laboratory parameters and recommend treatment. Standards dictate that an ill animal either be provided veterinary care or be humanely euthanized. The Principal Investigator or his/her designee will be contacted prior to the initiation of treatment to discuss the diagnosis, prognosis, possible treatments and alternative actions. If the PI or representative cannot be reached within a reasonable period of time, appropriate measures will be initiated by the veterinary staff until such time as contact is made.

Once treatment begins, the animal will be monitored daily by the DLAR veterinary and technical staff. Treatments are generally administered by the DLAR staff. If an investigator elects to administer treatments, the individual responsible must have knowledge of the necessary medical technique.