Exempt Research

Effective January 21, 2019 per the Revised Common Rule there are new and revised exemption categories.  For more information regarding the Revised Common Rule please visit the following website for more information https://research.wayne.edu/irb/common_rule_changes

If an investigator believes that his/her project qualifies for exemption, he/she should submit one copy of the completed signed Medical or Behavioral Protocol Summary Form and one copy of the original research protocol. A designated member of the IRB must "concur" that the project qualifies for exemption. An investigator cannot exempt him/herself.

Exemptions and/or expedited approvals may not be requested in person or by telephone. A research project cannot start until after the "concurrence" by a designated member of the IRB or review by one of the Institutional Review Boards. Retroactive "concurrence" or review cannot occur.

For a complete listing of the exemption categories please review the Exempt Categories Guidance Tool 

For instructions on submitting an Exempt submission see IRB Forms and Submission Requirements and the Exempt Research Guidance & Instructions Tool