IRB fees

IRB fee schedule for industry/for-profit sponsored/research

Wayne State University charges for IRB review of research studies supported by industry and for‐profit entities.

Following a review of fees charged by other universities and fair market value analysis, Wayne State University increased its fees for the review and oversight of Human Participant Research studies supported by industry and for‐profit entities effective July 1, 2021. All industry/for profit-sponsored protocols submitted on or after July 1, 2021 will be subject to the new rates. The new rates are listed below.

Investigators submitting industry/for profit‐sponsored research protocols are required to include the cost of initial protocol review, continuing review, and sponsored initiated full‐board amendments requiring IRB review in the study budget.

Because the IRB commits it full resources to each review, the fees are due in full even if the IRB does not approve the study, participants are never enrolled, a research contract is never executed, or the study is terminated before objectives are reached. IRB fees are non‐refundable. Fees for continuing review will be collected until a Closure form is received by the IRB office.


Industry and for-profit IRB fees

Rates for M1, MP2, and B3 IRBs

Type of review

Previous Fee


July 1, 2021

Initial submission, Full Board review



Initial submission, Expedited review



Initial submission, Exempt review



Continuing review



Full Board Amendment review



Expedited Amendment review

(includes key personnel amendments)



Final report/close-out



1There is no charge for a revised protocol submitted in response to a review.
Rates for External IRB Review-Commercial IRB
Initial Submission review $750 $1500
Modification review $0 $750
Key Personnel Modification Only $0 $200
Audits delegated to WSU IRB $0 $1000