IRB Meetings and Deadlines


Paper copy documents are not accepted.

Submissions are accepted via eProtocol or per instructions noted for the submission forms.

ONLY submissions that require Full Board review are required to meet a deadline in order to be added to the agenda for a specific committee meeting each month.

Research that qualifies for Exempt or Expedited review does not have a deadline date.

Note:  The IRB Administration Office follows the WSU closure schedule.

2024 IRB Meeting Dates and Deadlines

2023 IRB Meeting Dates and Deadlines (revised November 2023)

New/Initial Full Board, Exempt & Expedited Submissions now accepted via eProtocol ONLY

Effective January 2022 the M1 meeting date will move from the 1st Thursday of the month to the 4th Thursday of the month.

  • VA initial submissions are accepted via eProtocol.


  • Amendments and Continuations Submissions: Studies not previously submitted using eProtocol please refer to the instructions provided on the amendment and continuation forms.



  • For full board non eProtocol submissions email documents to the assigned IRB boards:


Submission forms and submission instructions are available on the IRB's Forms website

For eProtocol submission guidance tools and training please visit the IRB's Education webpage

Status Updates send an email to:


External IRB Requests: For submission of reliance agreements, WCG IRB, and CIRB requests please visit the following WSU IRB websites:

There are no deadelines for external IRB submissions.

NOTE: The number of IRB's have been reduced from four to three committees. 

The remaining boards are M1, MP2, & B3 

PREVIOUSLY APPROVED PH1 STUDIES:  All protocols previously assigned to the PH1 IRB will be re-assigned to either the M1 or the MP2 IRBs. The IRB Administration Office will inform Principal Investigators of their protocols new IRB assignment. IRB oversight of protocols will continue un-interrupted during the transition period.