Mandatory CITI training

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The WSU IRB requires all Principal Investigators (PIs), key personnel, and authorized signatories to understand and act in accordance with the requirements of the regulations pertaining to the protection of human participants in research. Therefore, all PIs, key personnel, and authorized signatories must complete required Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)  training modules before their projects can receive IRB approval. Once CITI has been completed, the Basic Course in Human Subjects Research must be renewed every three years.

Any PI or key personnel who is affiliated with WSU or a WSU-affiliated institution (The Detroit Medical Center (DMC), Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI), and John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) must complete the modules assigned by WSU. Key personnel who are not affiliated may either complete the CITI modules assigned by WSU, or they may print a record of training completed within the last three years, to fulfill requirements at another institution. Only training comparable to the WSU required training will be accepted.

Registering for CITI Training: Wayne State University required modules

Required for all key personnel including Dean/Chair/Authorized Signatories 

Key personnel are defined as any persons engaged in the collection of data or persons who will have access to data through intervention or interaction with participants, including the consent process, or, in any capacity, have access to participant identifiable private information.

CITI registration  

  • CITI website:
  • Select "Register' located in top right hand corner of the page.
  • Select Organization Affiliation Wayne State University Detroit, MI
  • Personal Information Complete all fields with an asterisk. Which includes adding your WSU Access ID.
  • Create your Username and Password with Security Question and Security Answer
  • Optional disclosure of Gender, Ethnicity and Race (disclosure is not required)
  • Answer questions about CEU credits
  • Complete information requested by WSU
    • Any email address can be used but an institutional email address is preferred
    • Employee number and campus address are not required.

Selecting required curriculum

Q #1 - REQUIRED:  Basic Course in Human Subjects Research: Biomedical or Social Behavioral Investigators (Refresher course is required every 3 years). Choose a learner group, as applicable.

Q #2 - Good Clinical Practice is *not required by the WSU IRB, however a selection must be made. *Note NIH funded studies GCP should be completed (effective 1/1/2017).

Q #3 - REQUIRED: Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS).
           Choose the Information for Investigators learner group.

Q #4 - REQUIRED: Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Course is required.
           Choose a learner group, as applicable.

Q #5 - Conflicts of Interest Course is not required unless instructed to complete; a selection must be made.
Q #6 - Laboratory Animal Welfare courses are not required by the IRB. Skip this question if appropriate.
Q #s 7 8 These courses are not required unless instructed to complete; only select if applicable.
Q #s 9 -13 - These courses are not required unless applicable; a selection must be made. 

Download these CITI Training Registration Instructions (PDF)

Additional CITI Modules may be required based on Research Type/Population: 

Refresher courses are required every 3 years for these modules:

  • Children included as participants (CITI module: 152332 or 152335)
  • Pregnant Women, Fetuses, or Neonates  (CITI module: 152332 or 152335)
  • Prisoners included as participants (CITI module: 152333 or 152336)
  • Students included as participants (CITI module: 152334 or 152337)
  • Internet Research (CITI module: 152338)
  • International Research (CITI module: 153207)

All required modules and any additional modules (based on Research Type/Population-noted above) must be completed by all key personnel before the submitting via eProtocol. Note, in eProtocol CITI the previous days training updates/refreshes in eProtocol from the next business morning.

Updating Your CITI Training Profile 

All key personnel including Dean/Chair/Authorized Signatory must update their CITI profile to include their WSU Access ID 

  • Click on "MyProfile" from the login page. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the of page and select "Wayne State University, MI Profile". 
  • Update Profile information and including adding your WSU Access ID (WSU Access ID is required for all key personnel for studies using eProtocol)
  • Please fill out all required fields that have been marked with an asterisk*
  • Select "Update Profile"
  • Please Note: eProtocol users must update their CITI profile to include their WSU Access ID (6 letter/number combination)

More about CITI required training

  • The main menu status must show "Passed" for each course in order to satisfy requirements.
  • A score of 75% or better is passing.
  • Modules can be completed over time by logging back into CITI.
  • The three required courses may take 3-5 hours on average to complete. This time will vary based on how much time an individual spends reading the training material.
  • Other "optional' modules may be required based on your research design; the IRB application will indicate when additional modules are required.
  • If taking CITI modules for a WSU course, your instructor may have different requirements than the IRB
  • If transferring CITI courses from another institution:  The course IDs must match the WSU course IDs in order to be transferred for eProtocol submissions. 

Additional help

For questions regarding the WSU requirements for CITI training: call the IRB office: (313) 577-1628

To find out if CITI training requirements have been met: Email

To contact CITI directly: Call 305-243-7970, browse the Support Center, or Email Support: