WSU IRB membership

The WSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) is comprised of four committees that approve and monitor research with human participants. The IRB committees review the ethics of research studies to ensure that the rights and welfare of participants are protected. All studies must be conducted in accordance with federal regulations, institutional policies and state law. The WSU IRB reviews and monitors all human participant research at Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Oakwood Healthcare System, and the John D. Dingell Veterans Administration Medical Center.

WSU IRB membership lists

Individual IRB membership lists can be requested via email through Lana Streeter, Program Project Assistant,

WSU IRBs and its dedicated members

Each of the four WSU IRB Committees are comprised of volunteer members from WSU, affiliate institutions and the local community. Members serve a one-to-three year term. Each committee has a dedicated Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

The four committees review different types of research:

WSU has one Social, Behavioral and Education IRB committee (B3) which reviews all social/behavioral/education and any non-medical research involving adults and/or children. The B3 committee meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday beginning at 1:00pm.

WSU has three Medical IRB committees (M1, MP2, and PH1). These three committees review studies involving adults and/or children.  The M1, MP2 and B3 committees meet monthly on a Thursday beginning at 1:00pm. The PH1 IRB specializes in the review of industry-sponsored Phase I clinical trials and is a rapid turn-around committee that meets every Friday morning via teleconference at 7:00am.

Interested in IRB membership?

The WSU IRB welcomes inquiries from individuals who are interested in learning more about becoming an IRB member. IRB members serve voluntarily, but must complete training requirements prior to being appointed to the IRB by the Vice President of Research. Individuals with specific qualifications or areas of expertise may also be sought per the current needs of the committees.

To learn more about how to be considered for membership, please contact:

Amanda C. Jointer
IRB Operations Manager