Study Coordinators Advisory

Mission statement

The Wayne State University (WSU) Study Coordinators' Advisory Committee (SCAC) aspires to provide guidance, networking and mentoring to study coordinators under the auspices of WSU Institutional Review Board (IRB). In addition the SCAC acts as a liaison to the IRB for the WSU research community to discuss areas of concern regarding human research.

Wayne State University IRB Study Coordinators Advisory Overview

The WSU Study Coordinators' (SC) Advisory Committee was formed in July 2006. The goal was, and remains, to provide networking among SCs at all facilities under the auspices of the Wayne State University Institutional Review Board. This includes, but is not limited to, Wayne State University, the Detroit Medical Center, Karmanos Cancer Institute, and the Detroit Veterans Administration Hospital. Additionally, the committee provides a venue for study coordinators to discuss areas of concern with representatives from the Institutional Review Board and IRB Administration, function as sounding boards and resources to the IRB from the "field", meet each other face to face, develop tools and training to help themselves and other SCs, and to provide personal mentoring to any who needs it.

In the two years since its inception, the SC Advisory Committee has expanded its membership from the initial few who attended, to include all SCs in the IRB database, with attendance to the monthly meetings being open to all who are interested. The wealth of information and experience the members bring to the table has proven to be invaluable to individuals and departments. The first task the committee charged itself with was to complete a Study Coordinators Handbook . Comprised of several chapters on a variety of topics, this document is meant to provide initial guidance to those new in the role of SC, or to serve as reference material to even the most experienced SC. Not meant to be a complete resource, rather it is an introduction to research at Wayne State University and its affiliate institutions- where to go, what do do, whom to contact – so that anyone can begin their role with a modicum of assurance that they CAN do it!

Future plans for this group include personalized in-servicing on "Research 101", subjects contained within the handbook, other training, and anything else the membership decides it wishes to accomplish.

The possibilities are endless!