IACUC forms

Protocol application forms

The IACUC is now using an online submission process (eProtocol).  Please review Submitting an Animal Research Protocol for assistance.

VAMC funding applications

VAMC funding applications (formerly requiring an ACORP) should be submitted using eProtocol.  Contact the IACUC office with questions.

Campus animal transfer and/or transport

How to transfer animals between IACUC protocols and/or request transport of live animals between buildings on campus: FLOW CHART

Housing outside DLAR animal facilities forms

IACUC Adverse Event Form

Investigators must notify the IACUC regarding any unanticipated deaths, adverse events, unexpected study results or a phenotype that negatively impacts the welfare of an animal. Notification must still occur even if the issue has been identified and corrected. Notification must be timely, to minimize the effect on animal welfare.

Animal Care and Use Program Visitor Form

All visitors/observers to Wayne State University animal facilities must fill out the Visitor Request form and receive permission from the IACUC and a DLAR veterinarian prior to entering WSU animal facilities. 


page revised 7/1/2024