Training and education

Prior to working with live animals all personnel must be added to an IACUC protocol.  See IACUC Training Policy under IACUC Policies and Procedures for more details.

Required prior to Protocol or Personnel Amendment Submission

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

  • Working with the IACUC (a refresher course is required every 3 years)
  • Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Animal Allergy Exposure Reduction
  • Working With (all of the species on the protocol) in Research Settings
  • Reducing Pain and Distress in Laboratory Mice & Rats (if the protocol includes mice or rats)
  • Aseptic Surgery (for staff who perform survival surgery on any species)

Animal Contact Occupational Health & Safety Program

Required prior to Protocol or Personnel Amendment Approval

Office of Environmental Health and Safety OEHS

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

  • Laboratory Safety Training
  • Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogens (if applicable)
  • Radiation Generating Machine (if applicable)
  • Radioisotope Training (if applicable)
  • Laser Safety (if applicable

In-Class Training

  • Basic Radiation Safety (if applicable)

Required prior to DLAR Vivarium Access and Independent work with Animals

Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR)

Prior to completion of the training below, personnel must be listed on a protocol and may only perform non-surgical procedures with animals while under direct supervision.

  • Building Orientation
  • Species-Specific Training
  • Aseptic Rodent Surgery (for staff who perform survival surgery on rodents)
  • Hazard Training (for staff working with chemical or biological hazards)
  • Working with Gas Anesthesia (for staff performing gas anesthesia)
  • Housing Species Outside of DLAR (for staff performing husbandry outside of DLAR)

For more information see DLAR Training Program website or contact