Proposal Development Resources

The following links provide useful information for the administrative endeavors of Wayne State University's research community.  Please note that the information provided herein is general and not necessarily specific or applicable to WSU, Sponsored Program Administration or the Office of the Vice President for Research.

  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposals: Guidelines, templates, tools, and other resources to facilitate the development of NSF proposals
  • NIH Extramural Nexus: Information regarding extramural funding from the NIH
  • NIH Grant Programs: A comprehensive listing of NIH activity codes which differentiate research-related programs
  • NIH eRA Modules, User Guides, and Documentation: Overview of NIH resources and aids for eRA systems and requirements
  • NCURA 1959 YouTube Channel: Brief video snippets covering everything from proposal submission to award closeout

Below you will find a listing of agencies and organizations that offer useful training sessions for personnel involved in grants application and administration activities.

Agency Training

 Professional Organizations