Laboratory Signage

Rooms that store or use hazardous materials (e.g., chemicals, biological materials, etc.) or contain other physical or health hazards (e.g., lasers, etc.) must post signage at each entrance to provide emergency responders, laboratory personnel, facilities staff, and visitors with information regarding the presence of potential laboratory hazards, required precautions for entry, and emergency contact information. The signage also ensures compliance with federal and state regulations, which require signs to identify areas where hazards exist which could harm workers, the public, or result in property damage. Hazard labels are also required within a room to clearly identify the storage locations of specific hazard classes and to help with maintaining appropriate segregation, such as chemical segregation. The information and links below provide guidance to help individuals determine what signs and labels should be posted at room entrances and within rooms.

WSU Research and Teaching Laboratories Safety Sign Manual - This guide will help laboratory personnel understand the hazard labels and signage required to be posted within and at entrances to laboratories.

After reviewing the hazards present in the lab and after conducting or updating the laboratory's chemical inventory, laboratory personnel must post at each lab entrance warning signage to communicate the hazards present. This should be reviewed and updated when changes occur in the lab or annually, whichever is sooner. Signage and hazard stickers can be requested by completing and submitting the form at the link below.

Request a Lab Caution Sign and Hazard Labels

Lab Signage Information Sheet for Non-Laboratory Workers - This information sheet is intended to provide an overview of some of the common hazard warning labels/signage found in and at entrances of laboratories, so non-laboratory personnel may understand the hazards present.