Biological Safety

The WSU Biological Safety Program aims to protect laboratory workers and other WSU personnel, the public, and the environment from potentially hazardous biological agents. The Biological Safety Program promotes the use of biosafety precautions that effectively reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous agents used in research by directing and aiding researchers in:

  • Identification of biohazardous materials being used.
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Evaluation of procedures.
  • Review of program effectiveness.
  • Preparation of Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) applications
  • Proper biological waste disposal.

The WSU Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) oversees the use of Risk Group 2 agents and the use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules as outlined in the NIH Guidelines.  The IBC ensures that all policies and procedures are in accordance with both regulatory frameworks governing the use of biological materials and the best practices adopted nationally.

Below are links to guidance on the use of biological materials as well as submission and approval of IBC applications.

Biological Safety Guidance Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Information
Biosafety manual Institutional Biosafety Committee – members & schedule
Laboratory Biosafety Resources Institutional Biosafety Committee Charter
Bloodborne Pathogens in Research Institutional Biosafety Committee Applications
Bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan IBC Attachments for eProtocol
Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Laboratories Step-by-step Guide for eProtocol
Research Clinics: Choosing the Right Disinfectant Biosafety/IBC Frequently Asked Questions
Laboratories: Choosing an Appropriate Disinfectant Recombinant DNA or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules Exempt from NIH Guidelines
Biological Safety Cabinets Guidelines for Research Involving SARS-CoV2
Biosafety Cabinet Service Request Form  
Biological Spill Response  
Biological Waste  
Laboratory Closures/ Moves  
Global Poliovirus Eradication Initiative  
COVID-19 - Guidance for Labs  

For more information contact Richard Pearson, WSU Biosafety Officer, or 313-577-1200