Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety encompasses the use, production, transport, handling, and disposal of chemicals in a way that protects people, property, and the environment from harm. This includes the use of purchased chemicals and chemicals synthesized on WSU’s campus. 

The WSU OEHS Chemical Safety program is dedicated to minimizing hazards associated with working with chemicals in research and teaching facilities across campus as well as ensuring compliance to federal, state, local, and university regulations, policies, and procedures. As such OEHS has developed educational materials, inspection programs, and oversight committees to help personnel design and implement chemical safety and health practices and procedures. Below are links to Chemical Safety information to guide WSU personnel on the safe use, transport, storage, and disposal of chemicals and equipment used with chemicals.

Chemical Safety Policies, Procedures, & Guidance Chemical Safety Policies, Procedures, & Guidance
Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) Chemical Hygiene Inspections
Chemical Safety Committee (WSU CSC) Chemical Emergency Response
Chemical Safety Fact Sheets Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Safety Standard Operating Procedures Transportation of Chemicals on Campus
Safety Data Sheet Guidance Chemical Research with Animals
Chemical Inventories and CHIMERA Laboratory Signage
Laboratory Safety Training Chemical Waste Disposal
Principal Investigator Onboarding/ Relocating Form Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
Laboratory Closures/ Moves