Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) provide information on chemicals and chemical products to help users conduct a risk assessment and identify appropriate controls to keep users safe. The SDS describes the types of hazards the chemical presents (both physical and health hazards), and provides information on handling, storage, and emergency measures in case of an accident.

The websites below will help you find SDS and additional general safety information for the chemicals you may be using in your laboratory.

Chimera SDS database - This site includes Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals currently included in the Chimera inventory management system.  You must be on campus, or connected via VPN, to access this resource.

Chemical Safety - Environmental Management Systems - a free Safety Data Sheet search.

PubChem - An open chemistry database at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that includes safety information.  To understand how to use PubChem, see the American Chemical Society YouTube video titled "Safety Information: PubChem Database".

Sigma Aldrich Safety Data Sheets

Fisher Scientific Safety Data Sheets

To understand the different sections of an SDS, see the OSHA Safety Data Sheets QuickCard. Information about hazard class pictograms can be found at GHS Classification Summary.