Radiation Safety Training Courses

These are the list of radiation safety training.Please complete the appropriate ones needed for your use.

I. Basic Radiation Safety (Radioisotope training):

This initial in-class training is mandatory for all employees using radioactive materials in the laboratory.

Training Location: Office of Environmental Health and Safety,
                                 5425 Woodward, Suite 300,Detroit,MI 48202.

For basic radiation safety training registration:

Faculty, staff, paid employees: Click here

For Pipeline,click on the employee tab.Click on the Training Seminars Workshops box, and look under the Research heading for these sessions.Student registration: Students can register by email to ao4270@wayne.edu.   

Basic radioisotope safety Lecture schedule 2020

Lecture Date (Virtual class)


  September 15, 2020  10 AM - 12.30 PM
  October 20, 2020   10 AM - 12.30 PM
  November10,2020  10 AM - 12.30 PM
  December 9, 2020  10 AM - 12.30 PM

The initial in-class training quiz and the refresher training can be completed online through the link below:


II.Radiation (x-ray) Generating Machine Training

Anyone who wants to operate X-ray generating machines like Electron Microscope, Bone Densitometer, X-ray Diffraction unit,Fluoroscopy unit, X-ray Radiography or any other equipment emitting ionizing radiation must complete this training annually.

Please click the link below in CITI training to complete the training:


This is only available to WSU students or employees. Discuss dosimetry needs with the Machine PI, and complete the Dosimetry Request Form if needed.

Questions or Concerns: 577-1200 or email Maha Srinivasan ( RSO) : ao4270@wayne.edu

III.Radiation awareness Training

For NON-USERS of radioactive materials. This training is required for people working around radioactive materials but not directly with them. Please click the link below in CITI program to complete the training: