X-ray Generating Machine / Imaging Machine Safety

X-ray machine registration information 

Each individual radiation generating machines are registered with the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), State of Michigan.  The regisitration requires a fee based on the x-ray tubes in the unit.  The building and specific room in the building must be known for registration of these machines.  Some machines may require submission of sheidling plan prior ot installation of the unit.  Please contact Radiation Safety / Health Physics at 313-577-1200 for more information.

Please find the registration form at X-ray Machine Registration form.

Complete the form and submit to rsc@wayne.edu.  For more information about shielding requirements, see Radiation Safety, Labor and Economic Opportunity, State of Michigan.

Fluoroscopy use policy

Policy for use of C-arm fluoroscope located in Room 0312 Elliman and dosimetry monitoring.

The State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs/ Radiation Safety Section, under Ionizing Radiation Rules Part 7, Medical X-ray Installations R325.5348 (1)(2)&(3), requires that Wayne State University provide radiation monitoring devices for all personnel using fluoroscopy equipment on campus. 

  1. Individuals who are not enrolled in the WSU dosimetry monitoring program and for whom dosimetry badges have not been received by the Director of Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) at least 15 business days prior to the anticipated date of usage of the c-arm fluoroscope will not be allowed to use the instrument and will not be allowed in the room when the fluoroscope is in use.
  2. Operators and spectators inside the room when fluoroscope is ON must wear appropriate dosimeters which includes whole body, collar and ring dosimeters. Lead apron of at least 0.5 mm thickness must be worn during operation by all workers present in the fluoroscope room.
  3. All individuals planning to use the c-arm fluoroscope or planning to be in the room when the fluoroscope is in use must complete the Laboratory Specific Training Form (Appendix L) that includes certification of training in the proper use of the fluoroscope. Completed Laboratory Specific Training Forms for all fluoroscope users must be filed in the designated User Log Book in 0312 Elliman at least 15 business days prior to the anticipated date of usage of the c-arm fluoroscope.

All users and observers of the C-arm fluoroscope must complete the following at least 15 days prior to the date of intended use:

  1. Obtain IACUC /RSC protocol approval.
  2. Complete the required OEHS online Radiation Generating Machine Training Refresher course.  Users without WSU pipeline access, contact Health Physics at 313-577-1200.
  3. When the training is completed, fill-out the user information on-line and print the certificate of training.
  4. Complete the Laboratory Specific Training Form (Appendix L) and obtain certification of training in the proper use of the fluoroscope. Contact the Director of DLAR at 313-577-9479 regarding equipment training.
  5. Complete and print the Dosimetry Request Form.
  6. Obtain the Director of DLAR (313-577-9479) signature on the completed dosimetry request form for Approval Holder Authorization, and deliver the signed form to OEHS/Health Physics Department, 5425 Woodward Ave, Suite 300.

Within three days of receiving the signed dosimetry request form, Health Physics will process the request and deliver the dosimetry badges to the Director of DLAR.  Animals for use with the C-arm fluoroscope will not be ordered unless the Director of DLAR has received dosimetry badges and certification of training on the instrument at least 15 business days prior to the anticipated use of the instrument.

Absolutely no exceptions will be made to the policies described herein.